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No job is too small or too large at Infinity Building Solutions, LLC, our low voltage installation teams are experts in building systems and automation equipment. We can ensure a smooth installation and startup for your BAS system.

Reliable and Responsive Commercial HVAC Services

If you already have a commercial AC system, you can count on us to keep it running smoothly. In the event of an equipment malfunction, we can quickly dispatch a qualified specialist to identify and resolve the issue. Our technicians have the tools and training to repair commercial HVAC systems of all brands and sizes.

We also offer low-cost commercial maintenance plans to protect your equipment from everyday wear and tear. Our plans include full system inspections and comprehensive equipment tune-ups on a flexible and convenient schedule. This routine maintenance helps to prevent sudden system failures, improve performance, and keep your operating expenses as low as possible.

At Infinity Building Solutions, LLC, we're committed to delivering exceptional, on-time results on a budget that works for you. Whether it's a small family shop or a massive industrial facility, we're ready to make your next commercial HVAC project a success.

We Proudly Serve North Georgia

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